building the dream


Pete Heads back to the trees

It's the the biggest and most impressive season of treehouses. Don't miss a minute.

Exclusive: Go Behind the Build With Pete Nelson

Treehouses are Awesome: See the Ultimate Ones

git ya some


Turtleman is back!

It's a whole new season of adventure with Ernie and Neal.

Grab Popcorn: Movie Night with Turtleman and Neal

Watch: Backwoods Living with Turtleman

bad to the bone


These dogs are in the doghouse

Tune in for all new pet shenanigans this Saturday at 11PM E/P!

Feline Fury?: Tame the Cat-itude!

Puppy Problems?: Help Your Misbehaving Canine

the search continues



Watch best moments from the most recent season and learn more about the Best Bigfootage - exclusively online.

Map it Out: Latest Sasquatch Sightings

Go Squatching: Watch the Bigfoot Cam

pets so sweet


You'll Get a Toothache

Cute is on hold for now, but it comes back August 16!

Need Cute Now?: Watch Our Puppy Cam!

Cat Person?: Tune into Our Kitten Live Cam!

What's On Animal Planet

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Dirty Jobs (Season 4)

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Dirty Jobs (Season 4)

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Dirty Jobs (Season 3)

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No Limits (Season 2)

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Call of the Wildman: More Live Action!

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Lost Treasure Hunters

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Lost Treasure Hunters

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Lost Treasure Hunters

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Lost Treasure Hunters

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Lost Treasure Hunters

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Lost Treasure Hunters

Inside Animal Planet

They're on Thin Ice

They're on Thin Ice

200 miles below the Arctic Circle, a group of rebels live on the ice. Explore a brand new Animal Planet series Sundays at 10PM E/P.

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Is Arturo the Saddest Polar Bear?

Is Arturo the Saddest Polar Bear?

The 29-year-old bear lives in captivity at the Mendoza Zoo outside of Buenos Aires, where temperatures reach 95 degrees and upward — activists have protested the conditions of his confinement where he also has no contact with other bears or pools of water.

Should He Be Moved? >>
An Amazing Story of Hope

An Amazing Story of Hope

Hope was found abandoned, tied to a tree and suffering from a severe case of mange. Things weren't looking good until two good Samaritans stepped in. Through the help of online donations, Hope has been given a second chance at life.

Learn More and Adopt Hope! >>
Animal of the Day: Kingbird

Animal of the Day: Kingbird

Both male and female Kingbirds are responsible for feeding their baby birds, which typically stay in the nests up to 20 days (depending on the breed of bird) after they are born.

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