Google Arts App Inspires Animal Shelter Social Media Managers To Go Historic

posted: 01/19/18
by: Jane Harrell

You've probably seen that Google Arts & Culture photo app making its way across your friends' timelines. It's not smart enough to recognize fluffy or furry faces yet, but ingenious pet rescue folks didn't let that stop them! Check out their brilliant work and marvel at the similarities. And while you're at it, why not pop into your local shelter and bring home your very own work of art?

whistler's mother

An American classic, note how the grey and black shadowing accentuates the sharp white accents of this Terrier's intelligent face. The repose shown in this portrait belies this canine's friendly and loving nature, her seemingly inexhaustible energy, and her drive to Chase All The Things. Meet her and her buddies at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

pearl earing

How beautifully this image captures the feline's exotic grace! Her golden eyes seem to pierce the very soul of her beholder (though she might be more interested in that tuna sandwich you're eating, to be honest). Plus, no pearls for kitties, please, she prefers catnip. Bring this lovely the home she deserves. Meet her at Helen Woodward Animal Center.


The lithe beauty of this ginger cat belies its speed and strength. At any moment, she is ready to pounce...on any catnip mice you might have strewn about the floor. Meet her and her pride at Fairfax County Animal Shelter.


Hogarth might have painted her pugnacious, but we know this Doggo is all heart. She's strong enough to hunt big game, but her greatest victory would be finding a home with you. Meet your 100% match at Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Check out more historic beauties at Animal Humane Society's Facebook page and New York's Best Friends Animal Society share to help them all find homes!

Jane Harrell is a writer, an editor, and the founder of AdvoCats (and Dogs, Too!)
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