Symbolic Adoption of Endangered Animals

posted: 05/15/12

Animal Planet and World Wildlife Fund are working together to highlight the plight of endangered species across the globe with the animal advocacy campaign, Animal Planet R.O.A.R.

You can help protect the future of endangered species by symbolically adopting one of the 40 animals featured in the WWF adoption center. Contributions provide financial support needed to help protect some of the world's most imperiled species and to combat the global forces that threaten their future such as climate change, toxic pollution and habitat destruction. WWF fights threats to these animals by linking on the ground conservation work with policy and private sector involvement to produce lasting change by altering the forces that devastate nature. The programs are developed with an understanding of and concern for the lives of indigenous peoples, which keeps efforts focused on building a sustainable balance between humans and nature.

Learn More / Take Action

Visit the Animal Planet R.O.A.R. Endangered Species Guide to learn more about critically threatened animals.

Visit the WWF adoption center to symbolically adopt one of 40 endangered animals.

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