DuWayne Moberg

posted: 05/15/12
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DuWayne Moberg

Name: DuWayne Moberg


Fund for Animals

Years volunteering:

Four years

The scope of my volunteer work:

My duties at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Rehabilitation Center include helping to restrain animals and birds during the initial examination when they are received. When the opportunity arises, I get to help capture injured or sick animals and transport them to the rehabilitation facility. I also help clean enclosures and feed the animals. I get to help release animals back into the wild after they have been rehabilitated. Further, I get to help build new enclosures and help maintain the property and enclosures.

My first (or favorite) pet was:

A cat named Patches

The animal I am most like:

Mountain lion, because of our shared beauty and grace

The animal I would take to:

- The Oscars: Tiger

- Meet my parents: Coyote

- To the movies: Bobcat

- On a trip around the world: Cat

My inspiration:


The most rewarding aspect of volunteering is:

Caring for and releasing animals back to the wild

The most challenging:

When they cannot be saved

The moment I knew it was all worth it:

The first time I was involved in the release of animals that had been saved and returned to the wild. It happened to be coyotes and it was a pure pleasure to see them run out of the transport cages and run free, in the wild, as they were meant to do.

In a perfect world:

Man would let animals alone to live their lives as nature intended.

In my world:

Strive to educate others in the benefits of co-living with wild animals.

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