Brandon Smith

posted: 05/15/12
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Brandon Smith

Name: Brandon Smith, age 8


The Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots Program

Years volunteering:


The scope of my volunteer work:

Teaching others about animals, and raising money for the Roots & Shoots Tchimpounga Youth Campaign.

My first (or favorite) pet:

A gecko named Oreo.

The animal I am most like:

My pet rats because my mom says I am curious, full of energy, cute, and smart.

The animal I would take to:

- The Oscars: My gecko, Oreo

- Meet my parents: A T. rex

- The movies: My gecko and my rats

- On a trip around the world: All my pets - my gecko, my rats, my hermit crabs and also crickets for my gecko to eat!

My inspiration:

I just love animals.

The most rewarding aspect of volunteering:

Being able to help them - knowing the chimpanzee babies had a second chance at life. (Referring to the Tchimpounga Youth Campaign)

The most challenging:

Coming up with ways to raise enough money to help the animals.

The moment I knew it was all worth it:

When I started to become successful - when I raised money, and I knew it would help the chimpanzees.

In a perfect world:

There would be no habitat destruction, and everyone would treat animals the way they would want to be treated.

In my world:

Some people do the wrong things, but it's OK because most people just still need to learn about doing the right thing.

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