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posted: 05/15/12
DCL | EcoZone

The Center is home to the EcoZone, a multidimensional and interactive live animal exhibit area focusing on the ecosystems of southeastern Massachusetts. The EcoZone was created with Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin. Growing up in Norwell, Corwin frequented the Science Center both as a summer camper and volunteer and was always interested and fascinated with animals and their environments both locally and globally. In 1999, he shared his idea and vision with the South Shore Natural Science Center. He wanted kids to know about the animals of the local area and their habitats.

The main habitats which comprise the EcoZone are wetlands, woodlands, and meadows. Features of the EcoZone include live pond exhibits set in a re-creation of their natural habitat, complete with water, vegetation, frogs, fish and turtles. They educate visitors about relationships between animals and the importance they play in the wetland ecology and in our lives.

Other exhibits include the Creature Corner, a display of live local reptiles and amphibians in smaller separate environments and the Quaking Bog exhibit, a re-creation of Norwell's own Black Pond Bog. The Vernal Pool exhibit includes a cutaway diorama of a springtime vernal pool that magically transforms (with the push of a button) into autumn. Other exhibits include a Night Time exhibit, a misty evening scene with twinkling starlights, and an animated video about nocturnal animals, "While You Sleep, We Fly and Creep", a meadow mural depicting the plants and animals found in our area, and more!

As funds continue to be raised, the EcoZone nears completion. 

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