Save the Tigers Fund ROAR

posted: 05/15/12

A partnership between the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, ExxonMobil Foundation, and other donors, the Save The Tiger Fund (STF) is dedicated to supporting the conservation and recovery of Asia's wild tigers. Since its establishment in 1995, it has awarded almost 350 conservation projects worth more than $17 million to more than 100 conservation organizations in 13 tiger range countries in Asia. This makes about 1/3 of all the non-profit investments directed to tiger conservation. Individuals have contributed over $2 million to STF, so far, and are valuable to securing a future for tigers in critical areas.

STF's adaptive conservation approach allows it to invest in conservation projects that address new and emerging threats to tigers that have measurable conservation outcomes. But the three key concepts - cooperation, local leadership, scientific and community-based conservation are the main thrusts of the Save The Tiger Fund's investments. Successful landscape level investments are the cornerstone of STF's strategy for sustaining and recovering viable tiger populations. STF support has succeeded in stabilizing tiger population and fostering community conservation in essential landscapes in the Russian Far East, in India, Nepal, and in Southeast Asia. Likewise it has helped to develop conservation leadership and better scientific understanding about tigers for effective conservation practices. There have been important achievements in saving tigers from the brink of extinction but a global campaign is necessary for tiger's range wide recovery. STF works in partnership with governments, global and local NGOs, scientists, international organizations, corporations, and concerned individuals to address the complex problems facing wild tigers.

To learn more visit: www.savethetigerfund.org

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