Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

posted: 05/15/12
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Wildlife Warriors Worldwide
DCL | Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

Wildlife Warriors Worldwide was established by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002. Although a very young charity, it has achieved great success with conservation programs in Australia, Asia and Africa. This nonprofit organization is involved with a number of vital conservation programs, including wildlife research, the Australian Wildlife Hospital, community education, wildlife rescue, crocodile conservation, cheetah conservation, tiger conservation and elephant conservation.

Save the Individual, Save the Species, Save the Habitat

It is fundamental to the survival of any species to look at conservation on these three levels. The Australian Wildlife Hospital implements this strategy every day by doing everything possible to save each and every one of the sick and injured wild animals that come into their care, no matter the cost. Wildlife Warriors' international conservationists fight to save habitats throughout the world in the name of iconic animals such as koalas and crocodiles in Australia; tigers in Bhutan, Sumatra and India; cheetahs in South Africa; and elephants in Cambodia. By doing this, they are by default helping to save all kinds of other wildlife sharing their habitats.

Share the Dream …

Steve Irwin epitomized the Wildlife Warrior because he was the original -- he created the term. This organization is based on the very ideals of Steve Irwin and they will live in the hearts, the conscience and in the daily lives of the Wildlife Warriors team as they share his dream of conservation and strive to make it a reality.

Live a Little on the Wild Side!

To ensure Wildlife Warriors Worldwide can continue the important conservation work Steve Irwin started, they need people across the globe to band together to make a difference.

To join the fight to save wildlife, become a Wildlife Warrior! Visit the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide's Web site or call +61 7 5436 2026.

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