Top 10 Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs

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Purrfection. We are sure there are more ways cats are better than dogs. Share them in the Lounge.

No sound in the world rivals a cat's purr. Its thrumming rhythm alerts helpless kittens, assuring them that mama cat is nearby (along with the milk supply!). That comforting buzz tells humans that their feline friend is oh-so-content with life. Stroke a purring cat's side, caress its chin and feel the gentle rumble for instant stress relief. A hungry dog will plead for food by dancing at your feet or planting a nonstop wet kiss on your face; a cat sits pointedly near its dish, purring confidently because dinner is about to be served. Cats don't mind if you gripe about your day or spend too much time online; they'll sit nearby, with that softly motorized sound subbing for conversation. Who needs words when a purr says it all?

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