Top 5 Homemade Pet Costume Ideas Halloween

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Are you a food-obsessed pet lover? Combine your two passions to create a hilarious costume even Ghoulia Child would envy. Whether it's an all-American hot dog or something trendier like edamame, it's easy to create a cuisine-themed costume worthy of the pickiest chowhound.

To create a hot dog, start with the bun. Measure the length of your pet's torso (from shoulders to hips) and cut two hot dog bun shapes out of the tan craft foam. Next, cut red and yellow felt into wavy strips to mimic ketchup and mustard. Take the pink t-shirt, cut the sleeves off and glue the red and yellow felt onto the back. Once the glue has dried, put the t-shirt onto your pet. Next, attach the tan craft foam to each side of the t-shirt with safety pins. You'll have one freaky frankfurter to show off!

For edamame, measure the length of your pet to determine how long the dark green felt should be and how many foam balls you'll need for the soybeans. To make the bean pod, glue three to five green foam balls to the center of the green felt in a row. Next, gather the ends of the felt and pin them together to create a boat-like shape around the balls. Take a child's light green tee and cut off the sleeves, then glue the pea pod to the back of the shirt. Once everything has dried, put the t-shirt on your pet and adjust for comfort. Whether your pet dresses up like a favorite food or a scaredy cat, don't forget: Safety always comes first. Happy Haunting!

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