5 outdoor adventures for puppies

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Not only is the dog park a fun place for your puppy to burn off energy, it can help to socialize him. Your puppy needs all of his vaccinations before he can safely visit the dog park, so wait for your vet's OK before taking him there (usually at 4 months of age).

Remember: your puppy is probably not be used to interacting with other dogs yet, so keep a close eye while he runs around, and don't let him off the leash if he doesn't reliably come when you call him. You want to make sure your puppy listens to you while you're at the park, so that you can keep him away from any aggressive dogs or other hazardous situations.

If possible, find a dog park that's not too crowded, because it's easy for your pup to get overwhelmed with all of the potential playmates at first. As your puppy gets more comfortable at the dog park and better trained, you can give him more freedom to roam while you're there.

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