5 Things To Know Before You Adopt a Cocker Spaniel

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The Cocker Spaniel may be a charming lap warmer, but you must not forget she's a hunter at heart. A Cocker Spaniel is an energetic, intelligent dog who needs mental and physical exercise every day.

Puppies 6 months and younger are still developing and shouldn't play to the point of exhaustion -- a short walk should get them acclimated to the outside world and offer plenty of things to think about. An adult Cocker Spaniel, however, requires a 30 minute walk twice a day, as well as free time to play in a fenced area outdoors. She'll also enjoy tracking and retrieving a ball or flying disc.

Exercise will help keep your Cocker Spaniel at a healthy weight. She loves to snack and is prone to putting on the pounds if not exercised regularly. The most important thing about her activity is that she have it; without it, she may become a crabby companion as likely to snap her teeth as offer a nuzzle.

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