5 Tips to Stop Cats from Fighting

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Don't hose them down, but create a gentle diversion.
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It's too late -- the fighting has begun. What do you do? Don't step in and try to break it up by hitting the cats or chasing them with a broom. You'll merely end up with a wealth of scratches and possibly with cats that never trust you again. Your interference may even escalate their aggression. Instead, make a sudden, loud noise from a hidden spot by clapping your hands or banging a pan. The noise will startle the cats, and they'll likely both run away. (Or at least the one who is losing the fight will.) Another tactic, says Peterson, is to distract them by tossing something -- a pillow, for example -- to a spot a little bit away from the fight. Again, the distraction will likely end the squabble. Just make sure you lob the object from a hidden spot so they don't associate you with the fight in any way.

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