5 outdoor adventures for puppies

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As with a hiking trip with a puppy, you'll want to start out slowly with your doggy camping trips, and not involve too much walking. You'll also want to get a checkup from your vet beforehand, since your pup needs to be fully vaccinated, particularly against Lyme disease. Make sure the campground allows dogs, since not all of them do. Pack plenty of food and water, and supervise your puppy closely at all times.

Even if he sleeps in your bed every night, it's important that you bring a tent that zips completely closed on your camping adventure. There are a lot of new sounds and smells out in the woods, and you don't want your pokey little puppy to wander off in the night!

Keep your puppy on his leash or on a sturdy tether at all times when you're camping, and don't forget to clean up after him. If there's nowhere to dispose of puppy poop, bury his waste, just like you would your own.

Up next: If you want an outdoor adventure that's a little bit more low-key, take your puppy to the dog park to hang out with the other fellas!

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