5 Reasons the Dachshund is a Hot Dog

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Dachshunds may have chutzpah, but they're likely to draw a few chuckles, too. With expressive faces sporting eyebrow-like markings, weenie dogs seem well-suited for comedic life. In fact, they've inspired an entire body of work by cartoonist Gary Larson, creator of "The Far Side." In "Wiener Dog Art," Larson recreates famous works of art, substituting wiener dogs for the original subjects. (Picture Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" with melting weenie dogs in place of the original pocket watches.)

These low-to-the-ground hounds have spawned their own breed of kitschy collectables, from dachshund-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers to elongated ceramic planters. The dachshund's image has even lent a touch of whimsy to pajamas and undergarments in Victoria's Secret Pink line. Plus, dressing your dachshund for Halloween festivities is a no-brainer. All he needs is a hot dog costume.

Sometimes, a dachshund's fearless attitude is anything but funny. Discover one dog's tale of survival on the next page.

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