5 Boston Terrier Facts

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The brainy Boston terrier is able to hold his own in the highly competitive world of canine sports. Their innate desire to please people is a big part of the breed's ability to quickly learn and excel in a variety of performance events. Here a just a few of the sports where you'll find the Boston competing -- and winning!

- Flyball is a lightning-quick relay race where two dogs zoom down a 51-foot (15.54-meter) course, jumping over hurdles, to reach a box that spits out a tennis ball. The dogs must catch the ball then run back down the course to the finish line where their teammates are waiting for their turn to go. The first team with all four dogs to finish without making any mistakes wins the heat.                                 

- Agility is another action-packed game, in which dogs running at top speeds are directed by their owners to jump hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, traverse a see-saw and weave through a line of poles. The dog with the least amount of errors and fastest time wins.

- Obedience events are where dogs perform a series of exercises ranging from following basic commands, like sit, stay and down, to more advanced verbal commands and hand signals. Dogs are judged on how closely they match a perfect performance. 

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