Top 5 Homemade Pet Costume Ideas Halloween

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If your pet is just too cute to spook, consider a costume that gets back to nature. All you need are a few supplies and creativity to have the most boo-tiful butterfly or flower on the block.

For a flower, cut out shapes of petals in the colored felt and glue to an elastic headband. Next, cut off the sleeves of a green tee and put it on your pet as the stem. Once the glue has dried on the flower headband, put it on your pet's head, making sure it fits comfortably, then get ready for a night of flower power.

To create butterfly wings, draw out the shape you want on cardboard and cut them out. Next, cover the front and back of the cardboard in the felt colors of your choice, making a butterfly pattern. Take a black children's t-shirt and cut off the sleeves, then glue the butterfly wings to the back of it. Once it's dry, put the costume on your pet and adjust the collar for comfort by cutting a slit in neck of the tee. Now you're ready to flutter off into the night together.

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