5 Health Tips for Shih Tzus

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Break Out the Clippers
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A shih tzu's long, flowing double coat is a show stopper, but without meticulous care it can mat. These tangled masses of hair do more than just look ugly. As the mat tightens against the body, Vicksman says airflow is severely restricted, making the skin underneath more susceptible to developing sores or infections.

The solution? Between grooming visits, brush your shih tzu's silky coat daily to prevent mats from forming or ask your groomer for a shorter style, like a puppy or teddy bear cut, that requires less fuss.

If your dog has a mat, the easiest way to remove it is by using electric clippers. Gently pull the mat away from the body so you can see where the mat ends and the skin begins, then turn on the trimmer to carefully remove the tangled mass of hair, being careful not to accidentally cut your pet in the process.

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