Top 10 Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs

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More generous.

Hunters at heart, cats are miniature versions of their wild forebears, the lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars of the world. But cats can't down a wildebeest in your backyard, so they settle for smaller prey -- and share it with you. A gift offered by a cat, whether a mole, bird or unidentified critter part, is the highest tribute it can pay, proof of devotion to you. Yes, you'll be nauseated by this gift. But as with any present, you do the kind thing. Say, "Oh, thank you, kitty, that's so sweet of you." And that makes the cat's day. Sometimes, indoor-only cats offer gifts, too: a small stuffed toy, presented with a loud meow, says, "I've been looking all over for something you'd enjoy."

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