5 Way to Help Older Small Dogs

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And you thought you were done with your dog's "accidents" when you housebroke him. Some older dogs start to experience uncontrollable bladder problems. You and your vet might be able to pinpoint the cause (such as a bladder infection or kidney inflammation) and cure it through treatment.

However, if treatments don't work, you might want to invest in doggy diapers. Yes, it's true: They do make diapers specifically for dogs. You can even find them in disposable or cloth varieties. Just remember to check the diaper and change it often. In a pinch, or to save money, you could also use baby diapers. Make sure to cut a hole for Fido's tail, of course!

You might also consider a litter box for your aging dog. Who says litter boxes are just for cats? Or, for that matter, why can't you teach an old dog new tricks? If your dog has trouble holding it, it might be easier for him to have an indoor area to do his business.

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