5 outdoor adventures for puppies

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Have you ever wondered why dogs love to stick their heads out the window? It's not necessarily because they love the breeze. Dogs experience the world through smell, and zooming past so many different smells can be like ecstasy for your puppy. A bike ride is a little bit slower than a car trip, but your puppy can experience a world of smells on the bike all the same!

Of course, you don't want to have to hold your puppy, and it would be unsafe to just stick him into your bike's front or back basket. You'll need a pet carrier or trailer, which attaches to your bike, so that you can tow your pup as you ride. A quick Google search will turn up pet trailers for puppies of all sizes. If your puppy is on the larger side, look for a medium or large dog trailer, and check the measurements to make sure he'll fit. Once you have your pet trailer, just mount it on your bike, and you and your pup are ready to ride!

Ready for a bigger adventure? Pack your bags and take your puppy camping!

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