Top 5 Homemade Pet Costume Ideas Halloween

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If you like your Halloween costumes a bit spookier, your pet could offer up ghostly greetings as a skeleton or mummy. To create a skeleton costume, first search online for an image of your pet's skeletal system. Next, paint shapes of the bones onto a black tee, keeping in mind that it doesn't have to look perfect. Once the paint has dried, put the t-shirt on your pet and your little Skeletor will be ready to rattle some bones in the neighborhood.

Mummifying your pet couldn't be easier. Just purchase some gauze and start wrapping. If you don't want to waste money on gauze that you'll end up tossing later, recycle an old white sheet by ripping it into long strips you can then use to wrap your pet in. Just make sure you don't wrap him up too tight, and don't cover his paws, face, ears, tail and bottom. If you really want to make your pet mummy look like he's been exhumed from an Egyptian tomb, soak the strips in some freshly brewed tea for an antiquing effect. Just make sure all of your wrapping material is completely dry before dressing your pet.

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