Top 5 Fun Cat Games

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That office staple, the yellow sticky note, is a simple prop in a favorite cat game. Although I had never thought of offering a Post-it to a cat, my pastel calico Cassie started the tradition when she pawed several sticky notes from the fridge, chewed and crumpled them into feline-styled origami, then batted them away. She carried one in her mouth and placed it at my feet, like a dog waiting for someone to play fetch. I lofted one, then another, and she was off, swatting them like hockey pucks, controlling their path with first one, then the other forepaw. I soon realized Cassie preferred to chase the Post-its, not retrieve them, and when she tired of the game, she signaled a timeout by stretching out on top of several, essentially blocking me from flicking them her way.

Do the same for your cat: Roll a Post-it or two into a loose ball, then finger-flick them across the room or directly into your cat's path. It's especially fun on a smooth surface, like tile or laminated flooring. Post-it hockey can be played by multiple cats at once, all of whom may decide to pick up and carry the puck away. But for just a few dollars, you'll have enough equipment for a full season of cat hockey playoffs.

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