Top 5 Homemade Pet Costume Ideas Halloween

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With these costumes, two really is better than one. Just imagine your delightful duo walking down the sidewalk side by side as if they are going to the chapel of love instead of a haunted house.

The bride's dress begins with a white children's t-shirt. Cut off the sleeves and stitch tulle along the hem for a tutu. Take a white headband and glue extra tulle to it for a veil. This costume makes for a cute ballerina, too, if your pet decides to stay single.

For the groom, take a black children's tee and paint a tuxedo shirt on the front with white fabric paint. Use black fabric paint for buttons and pleating details. Take a length of black ribbon and make a bow tie for your little man. Just make sure it doesn't cut off his ability to breathe or bark. You should be able to fit two fingers easily between his skin and the ribbon.

For an extra touch, decorate a wagon for the lucky couple to ride around in. A sign on the back that reads "Just Married" and cans tied to the wagon with strings will announce their arrival.

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