5 Reasons the Dachshund is a Hot Dog

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Dachshunds -- with their torpedo-like proportions -- are perfectly engineered for pursuing prey through thickets and grasses. What makes these dogs really unique, however, is their ability to hunt below-ground, too. Doxies were bred to dig and squeeze into the burrows of wild animals so they could pursue and fight the creatures within. According to the AKC, the dachshund is the only registered breed built to hunt above and below the earth's surface.

Although dachshunds have exhibited the same body type (and bravado) for a century, they now come in many colors and three coat lengths. Originally, dachshunds sported short black coats with tan accents on the muzzle and belly. Today, some dachshunds are dappled, gray or fawn, and some have long or wirehaired coats. Regardless of length, the dachshund's coat is known for a shine that could put hair conditioner commercials to shame. Still, this muscular dynamo's beauty is more than skin deep. Find out why this breed is a natural-born competitor on the next page.

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