5 Way to Help Older Small Dogs

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Hearing Aids
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Have you noticed that your little aging companion has stopped responding to your calls? It's probably not laziness or disobedience. Rather, it may simply be hearing loss. Unfortunately, many dogs start losing their hearing late in life.

Hearing problems can be very dangerous, too. The dog may not be able to hear cars, and people could get bitten if the dog is startled by them. So, you should be more watchful and keep your pet on a leash when outside, even if you didn't used to.

Although they aren't common yet, you might be able to find a hearing aid for your dog. Unfortunately, some dogs just don't tolerate something in their ear. Dr. A.E. Marshall at Auburn University did find, however, that small dogs are more likely to tolerate a hearing aid than a large dog. It might be worth a try.

Also, keep in mind that these are merely sound amplifiers, and they can't help complete deafness.

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