Top 5 Funny Cat Tricks

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Hurdle those Obstacles
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An obstacle course in your living room -- yes, your cat may already have established this with lamps and tables -- provides a fun workout . Like dogs, cats now compete in agility competitions, making their way around an assortment of hurdles while chasing a lure.  Check online videos and photos of agility cats to see how similar it is to horse show jumping.

 Your cat needn't be a champion show jumper to participate. Use a toy fishing rod, the kind with fake feathers, or a piece of twine tied to a cat toy, as a lure to entice Kitty. Set up a course with boxes, books, big pillows or chairs; you can also construct poles and platforms from online plans, or buy ready-made canine agility equipment for your home show ring. 

After your cat investigates each obstacle, drag the lure over each while you stand in the middle of the course. Kitty will quickly follow, trying to get a paw on that elusive prey.  He may decide to take a shortcut, around a hurdle rather than over it.  High-energy cats enjoy the chase most, but all will investigate this new playground. With two cats, try a steeplechase, and encourage both to bounce over the jumps.

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