5 outdoor adventures for puppies

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Swimming in the open water isn't the best idea for a pup, since he may tire easily and the water might be contaminated. But, the two of you can still enjoy the open water on a boat ride. Check with local companies to find one that allows dogs on board, and pack a bag for the day. With a little preparation, a boating adventure can be as fun for your puppy as it is for you!

Just as you'd put safety first with kids on a boat, you need to take some precautions when you're boating with a puppy. It may feel a little bit silly, but get your pup a doggie floatation vest, and make sure he's wearing it at all times. Even if your dog knows how to swim, he'll tire out pretty fast, and that can spell trouble in open water if he goes overboard. You'll also want to constantly supervise your puppy while you're out on the water. Keep him from drinking the ocean, lake, or river water, by providing plenty of drinking water. And if you're heading out in the summer, stay conscious of the deck's temperature, since puppies don't wear shoes to protect them from hot surfaces like we do.

Are you less into floating and more into riding? Take that sweet pup on a bike ride!

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