5 Tips to Stop Cats from Fighting

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Take steps to make sure your cats are familiar with each other's scent.
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Scent is very important to cats. They like how they smell and are comfortable with familiar odors. It's not uncommon for a cat owner with two companionable cats to take one cat to the vet, only to return home and have him greeted by a now-hostile friend. What gives? The cat that went to the vet likely picked up a lot of new scents that are confusing the cat who stayed home, leading him to think his buddy is a scary stranger. But according to Peterson, it's easy to prevent this situation. Before you leave the vet's office for home, rub the cat with a towel containing the home cat's scent. When you walk in the door, the cat that stayed home will be greeted by a reassuring smell.

Swapping or mingling scents also helps when you bring home a new cat. When your new cat is initially isolated from the resident cat, start getting them used to each other's scents by rubbing each one's towel or favorite toy over the other cat, Brunt recommends.

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