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A 160-acre (64.7 hectare) city park near Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills in the Golden State, Runyon Canyon Park is a dog's and dog lover's dream. What makes Runyon Canyon Park so doggone great is that your canine can run free from his leash on certain trails (posted signs indicate which trails are off-leash and which ones are leashed). The park gets a lot of traffic from both two-legged and four-legged friends, so it's a great place to connect with fellow dog owners and even spot some celebrities.

The park is located on the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains. There is a 1.65-mile (2.65 kilometer) hike that goes up 500 feet (152 meters), and a 2.65-mile (4.26 kilometer) hike that goes as high as 700 feet (213 meters). Hiking in Runyon Canyon Park will provide you and your dog a panorama of famous viewpoints like the Hollywood sign, downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Another bonus is that you won't be "hounded" by the paparazzi while you're there.

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