5 Litter Box Training Tips

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Use the Plus One Rule
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A general rule of thumb for litter boxes is that the number of litter boxes in your house should equal the number of cats you have, plus one. In other words, if you have one cat, there should be two litter boxes in your home. Two cats need three boxes, and so on. This is especially important for a cat that is having trouble using a litter box.

Another significant thing to consider is where the litter box is located. You should place your cat's box in an area of the house that is both quiet and easily accessible. Cats are skittish creatures, and they won't go in a box that's in a high traffic or chaotic spot. One exception is for a formerly outdoor/newly indoor animal. In this case, it may be best to place a litter box near the door if that's where your nature-loving feline is lingering.

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