5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Pug

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Watch the Temperature
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One of the most important things to know as a pug owner is that the breed is susceptible to overheating, which can quickly lead to death. Dogs, which don't sweat like people do, are more prone to heatstroke, and short-muzzled dogs are even more susceptible. So, never keep your pug in a warm parked car, even with cracked windows. And don't leave a pug outside on even a moderately warm day without plenty of shade and water.

If your pug has become overheated, she'll start breathing fast and heavily and might even throw up. Immediate attention is necessary, including either putting the pug in a cool tub of water or wrapping her in cool, wet towels. If the dog's temperature (taken with a rectal thermometer) is over 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius), take her to a vet immediately, preferably still wrapped in a cool towel.

Although pugs don't do well in the heat, they aren't exactly cold-weather dogs, either. They generally like to be inside with their owner.

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