Top 5 Fun Cat Games

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Bathtub Ping-Pong
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Bouncing a ping-pong ball into an empty bathtub will bring your cat running. Take all soap, shampoo and other products out of the way, and close the drain to keep the ball from settling there. Cats will enjoy chasing the ball as it rolls from side to side. They'll hit it with extended paws, kick it with hind feet or carom it off the edge to see it fly high. More than one ping-pong ball turns your tub into a kitty arcade as the balls cross paths and the cat does his best to follow both. If the rocketing sound of a ping-pong ball is too loud for you, substitute one of those plastic Easter eggs that cats also love. Lighter in weight, these oval shapes will spin and tumble as your cat bats them back and forth. The eggs also come apart, and cats enjoy capturing the halves between their paws, or picking one up in their teeth, making Kitty look like he's wearing a colorful surgical mask.

Once you've played bathtub ping-pong with your cat, he may start a rousing game on his own at midnight unless you hide the ball for next time.

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