Top 10 Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs

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Covet their toys.

Ever see a dog's playthings? Shredded rawhide bones, torn tennis balls. They're in tatters (unless, of course, they've been swallowed). Cat toys tend to be hugged, carried and carefully hidden in beds or baskets. Cats keep their prizes safe from intruders who might steal that square felt thing with the bell in it, or the sparkly ball that squeaks. And cats firmly believe in stockpiling: A calico named Cassie once stashed 27 ping pong balls under a skirted rocking chair, apparently sensing a global shortage. Her owners thought the balls were lost. Instead they had become "cat collectibles." Cats also make better fashion choices than dogs -- have you seen some of the outfits dogs allow themselves to be seen in? But no self-respecting feline would don a hot pink hoodie without clawing it to ribbons first.

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