Top 5 Homemade Pet Costume Ideas Halloween

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What could be more bizarre than an animal that looks like a completely different animal? Dressing your dog up as a cat or another critter is guaranteed to turn a few heads and elicit a few aww's and guffaws. Sure, it might be a little humiliating for your pet, but he'll probably forgive you -- for a few treats.

For a black cat costume, it's easy to turn a child's black t-shirt into the body of a cat. Just cut off the sleeves and put it on your pet. You might need to cut a slit in the neckline of the tee to make sure it fits comfortably. Next, cut two triangles out of black felt and glue them to an elastic headband that will comfortably fit your pet's head without digging into the skin.

An even easier option is a skunk. Take the same black t-shirt and paint a white stripe down the back with fabric paint. Once it's completely dry, cut out the sleeves and put it on your pet for a stinkin' sweet costume.

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