5 Rainy Day Dog Activities Summer Happy Everything

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Go For a Romp
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Indoor dog parks offer climate-controlled play areas to keep pooches dry on cold, drizzly days.

For a fee, dogs get to romp on football-sized fields of artificial turf, divided into sections for small pooches and big ones.  Staff members patrol the park to make sure everyone plays nicely and to break up any skirmishes.

Some parks boast coffee shops with free wi-fi, swimming pools and pet boutiques. The Fetch Club in New York City has a movie theater where people and pooches can kick back and watch classic canine flicks. Meanwhile, the Zoom Room, located in several U.S. cities, has a doggie disco -- complete with revolving mirrored ball and flashing lights for dogs to chase -- for birthday parties, "bark mitzvahs" and charity fundraisers.

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