5 Health Tips for Shih Tzus

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Scoop the Poop
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Some dogs will eat just about anything -- and we mean anything! -- including their own poop or piles left behind by another dog or cat.

Coprophagy (aka stool eating) is more than just a disgusting behavior in shih tzus and other breeds. It could put your dog's health is at risk. If another animal's stool is loaded with parasites, your dog could become infected with roundworms, which cause weight loss or whipworms, which may result in anemia, among other parasites.

It's still a mystery in the veterinary profession why dogs (and especially shih tzus) seem to enjoy this unsavory snack; however, plenty of theories exist. Some people believe the scat simply tastes yummy to dogs. Others think the behavior stems from either stress or an imbalanced diet.

Whatever the case, stopping the behavior is fairly simple. If your dog regularly raids the cat's litter box, for instance, put a cover over it and make sure you scoop out the poop every day.

For shih tzus that like to dine on another dog's feces (or their own), clean up the backyard daily. If you can't stand doing this chore, consider hiring a professional pooper scooper.  

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