Top 5 Funny Cat Tricks

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Shaking Hands
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Young cats pick up tricks easier than mature ones, but even an older kitty can master this move.  Keep your training sessions short, no more than 10 minutes daily, and turn off TVs, radios or other background distractions.  Be consistent, training at the same time every day. Before mealtime is best, so your cat will respond to a food reward.

Always use your cat's name to get his attention, and see how he reacts to a simple paw shake: When he's sitting still, hold a treat in one hand, place the other hand behind a front paw and give it a bump. As he raises his paw, say "Buster, shake," and hold his paw gently. Say "Good shake" while rewarding him with the treat. Try one or two times more, always repeating the request to "shake." Your cat may anticipate the treat and start raising his paw on his own. Offer yours, palm up, for a feline high five.

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