5 Way to Help Older Small Dogs

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Steps and Ramps
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Small dogs are already at a disadvantage compared to their cousins of larger breeds when it comes to getting up onto beds and into cars. Luckily, when they're young, many small dogs have enough spring in their step to get over tall hurdles. But when small dogs get older and start suffering from problems with mobility, they need some extra help.

If you purchase special doggy steps and keep them next to a bed or couch, your small dog will be able to get up and down more easily. You can even find them in colors to match your room or get them in special designs, like leopard or zebra print.

If steps are too difficult for your little Fido, you can also find ramps, which might be easier to climb. Many dog owners get ramps to help a dog in and out of a car, but this is usually less of a problem for small dogs, whose owners can easily pick them up. Is your dog a swimmer? You can even find water ramps to put on the side of a swimming pool or a boat to help an aging dog get out of the water.

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