5 outdoor adventures for puppies

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If you dig spending time in the woods, bring your puppy with you on your next hike. Your pup will love exploring the trail and checking out the sights and the smells.

Check with your vet before taking your puppy out on a hike. You'll need to wait until he's at least 16 weeks and fully vaccinated before hitting the trail, since a curious pup is bound to be interested in things like animal droppings and other animals. Also make sure he's fully leash-trained before you head out for a hike with him.

Keep your puppy on the leash while you're on the trail, and avoid treacherous terrain on your first hikes. He might tire pretty quickly at first, so start with easier trails, and be prepared to let your pup rest or to carry him, if he gets too tired. It may take a few hikes, but once your puppy gets used to navigating the trail, you can get more adventurous.

Do you live near the water? You can take your pup on a boat ride!

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