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Miniature Schnauzer: The Intellectual
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The miniature schnauzer's overall appearance makes it a good fit for the role of an intellectual. With distinct eyebrows, salt and pepper fur, and a beard, this canine appears ready for the lecture hall. And his looks don't lie: He is highly intelligent, quick to learn, and usually makes the dean's list at obedience school.

Part of the terrier family, the miniature schnauzer likes a small social circle, loving his family the best. Thanks to his willingness to learn, this canine makes an excellent choice for anyone who wants to teach a dog tricks or enter agility competitions. The miniature schnauzer also makes an excellent companion and watchdog, because he's loyal and alert. But make no mistake — this dog has a fun side, too. He is spunky, fearless and plays well with others. Early training and socialization will give this pooch a head start toward a bright future.

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