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Beagle: The Rebel
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The beagle is like the James Dean of the dog world. He's all-American and well loved, but a little challenging at times. The beagle can really be a bit stubborn and has a mind of his own. He also bores easily, rarely responds to his name and loves to dig, so be careful of your prized petunias. Watch out if your beagle gets bored: He will howl to the moon until something comes along to keep him occupied.

Originally bred for hunting, beagles are big dogs in small bodies and ready for adventure. If you choose a beagle for your home, be prepared to give lots of attention and playtime. This hound loves being part of a pack and generally makes an excellent family dog. Though they might be a little hesitant around strangers, with good socialization, your beagle should learn to accept others into his inner circle.

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