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Brussels Griffon: The Party Animal
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The Brussels griffon loves people and playtime with a face that matches his wild side. This dog isn't necessarily the most popular of the small dog set — due to its being one of the more uncommon breeds in the United States — but he makes quite an entrance with his crazy hair and spunky attitude. The Brussels griffon tends to have an inflated sense of self and believes he is a big dog, which can get him in trouble from time to time with the larger animals.

According to the National Brussels Griffon Rescue, this dog has been known to wander when given the opportunity, so it's best to keep him contained or leashed at all times. If you leave this canine alone, make sure you stock up on plenty of toys to keep his attention; otherwise, you could return home to find your place resembling a frat house the day after a keg party. Overall, though, the Brussels griffon makes a wonderful four-legged companion that has a tendency to form a strong attachment to its main caretaker.

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