10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Bully Breed

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Keep your bully active and entertained.
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Pit bull mixes and other breeds that fall into the bully category are generally very athletic and love lots of exercise. They typically excel in agility, flyball and other sports. Look for organizations in your area that cater to bully breeds for group activities that will keep them engaged. For example, a group in Chicago started a skateboarding club for pit bulls, and there are agility groups all across the country where bully breeds are welcome.

As is true with most other dogs, a bored bully is a bad bully. If you prefer slow living, a breed in this category is probably not the dog for you. Also keep in mind that you should never have your bully breed off-leash in public, so finding open spaces where he can run free might pose a challenge. If you don't have a fenced-in yard, but have space, a dog run makes an excellent option, as does a doggie treadmill. Many people mistakenly believe that treadmills are only used to exercise dog-fighters, but many dogs of all breeds get exercise this way when they aren't able to go outdoors. Just remember to supervise all of your dog's activities.

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