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Blueline Angelfish

posted: 05/15/12
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Blueline Angelfish
Courtesy of Drs. Foster and Smith
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The Blueline Angelfish, also known as the Bluebanded or Blue Stripe Angelfish, has been likened to a butterflyfish in body structure. This unique fish is only available on a seasonal basis in the summer months. As a juvenile, this species can be recognized by its dark black body with iridescent blue horizontal stripes, along with a yellow bar that runs vertically behind the eye. The dorsal and anal fins are outlined in white and the caudal fin is bright yellow. As an adult, it has a yellow to tan body with vibrant blue horizontal stripes.

The Blueline Angelfish is a relatively shy species when first introduced, but will adapt quickly to a well-established aquarium. Providing a quietly-located aquarium with non-aggressive tank mates and plenty of hiding places is ideal. A minimum of a 50-gallon tank or larger provided with live rock for grazing will also help provide an optimal environment. The Blueline Angelfish is prone to nip at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles. It will also graze on microalgae, filamentous algae, and diatoms.

The diet should consist of mysid or finely shaved frozen shrimp, and other meaty items, along with algae and sponge.

Fish Facts

Name: Blueline Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis)

Family: Pomacanthidae

Range: China

Size: Up to 7 inches

Diet: Omnivore

Tank Set-up: Marine: Coral or rock, plants

Reef Compatible: With caution

Tank Conditions: 72-78°F; sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4

Minimum Tank Capacity: 50 gallon

Light: High

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Swimming Level: No specific level

Care Level: Moderate

Reproduction: Egg Scatterer

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