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Breeders and fanciers report that Burmese are amusing, playful, and super-smart, the perfect interactive cats for home, office, shop -- any place where people are in need of love and entertainment. They are as active as the Siamese and love to play. Devoted cats, Burmese are loyal and people-oriented.

Breeders report temperament differences between males and females. The females are highly curious, active, and very emotionally involved with their owners. The altered males love their humans too, but are more placid. They like to lounge about, usually on top of whatever you're doing. They take life as it comes. The only issue about which they are passionately concerned is the selected cuisine and when it will be served.

Burmese have a unique rasp to their voices and sound a bit like cats going hoarse from too much talking. Burmese are not as talkative as their Siamese neighbors, unless they're in season. When they have something to say, however, they'll reiterate the message until you get out your universal feline/human translator and take care of whatever it is troubling them.

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