My Cat from Hell Casting

posted: 02/21/13
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Is your cat's behavior driving you or others crazy? Are you at your wit's end? Do you need help getting your cat to behave? Are you in the NYC area?

Jackson Galaxy, our expert cat behaviorist hasn't met a cat he couldn't help! If your cat has behavioral problems that are driving you crazy, then send us an email today! From excessively growling, meowing, nipping, scratching, biting, tearing the house upside down, Jackson will try to transform your cat back to the feline you love!

My Cat From Hell is looking for YOUR cat from Hell!

If your cat fits the bill, email us at HELLCATSCASTING@GMAIL.COM

Please include your name, age, city, contact phone number and who you live with. Tell us about your cat and how it's affecting your life/relationship. Include your cat's name, age, breed, where you got the cat and tell us, in detail, about your cat's behavioral problems and why you (or your family) are at your wit's end. Include pictures of yourself, your family members and of your cat!

For more information, visit 3 Ball Productions' Web site.

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