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Constructing Ponds and Water Gardens

posted: 05/15/12
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A pond is a beautiful and restful addition to your backyard or garden. Whether or not you choose to add fish or other pond animals, a pond can provide hours of entertainment and become a favorite area of focus. To get the most enjoyment from your pond, however, you will want to invest time in careful planning. The location, shape, depth and materials used in constructing a pond are critical to its health. A trip to the library or bookstore or viewing a catalog or website for pertinent books is highly recommended. The following articles may help in answering some questions you may have regarding pond and water garden construction.

- Constructing a Pond: 11 Things to Consider

- Digging a Pond and Installing a Liner

- Pond Filtration

- Pre-filters for Ponds

- Waterfalls for Ponds: An Introduction to Planning and Selecting Materials, Liner, and Pump

- Water Hardness and pH: Using Peat Moss in Ponds

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