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posted: 05/15/12
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My Cat Made It. Cool Cat Craft Projects.
Design Pics/Corbis

Sure, most cats can "make" things in that they make messes for their owners to clean up, whether it's a broken lamp or a loaded litter box! There are some ways, however, that your cats can actually make you cool crafts and other works of art (with a little human help, of course).

The easiest way is to co-opt your cat to decorate something with painted paw prints. To be fair, this will still probably end up qualifying as a mess by the time you're done, but if you really like your pet, it'll also generate a neat piece of art to have around the house. Before you get going, be sure to use nontoxic paint (the kind you used to finger paint with as a kid) because chances are good some of it's going to end up in his mouth and on his fur by the time the work of art is complete.

Then just decide what you want painted -- maybe a picture frame, a lampshade, a canvas tote bag or just a plain old piece of poster board. Next, pick your strategy. Do you want to hold your cat and delicately apply paint to paw and paw to paper? That'll get you the cleanest looking results, both on your craft and on your carpet and your cat. Or maybe you want to coat his paws and let him paint freestyle? Chances are, you might need to chase down your artiste a few times, but the result will certainly be unique. Consider a tarp or other protection if you don't want to be scrubbing the floor later.

Adding some exciting scents to the paint can help entice your cat to artistic excellence -- although this route is practically guaranteed to leave your cat covered in paint. (Think catnip-induced rolling around, plus plenty of pigment -- it equals one colorful kitty.) He might even try to lick it up, which again, is why you need to ensure the paint is nontoxic.

A final idea is to add some dollops of paint to the item in question first, then cover it with a layer of plastic and encourage your cat to bounce around on top of it with a toy -- there's actually a product on the market for this if you don't feel like assembling the supplies yourself. He'll squish the paint blobs into all sorts of interesting shapes. It won't end up a masterpiece of perfect paw prints by any means, but you can certainly point to it and say: "My cat made that!"

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