5 active games to play with puppies

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For a great time with your best furry friend, there is nothing like a game of fetch. It’s best played in the park or along the shore, but it can be fantastic fun in the backyard or even the living room, assuming yours isn’t filled with irreplaceable figurines. What’s more, playing active games like fetch teaches a puppy to focus and follow instructions. If your pet has never played before, pique his interest by tossing the fetch toy and demonstrating how to chase after and retrieve it. He’ll master the concept in no time.

While fetch may seem pretty straightforward, there are some important do's and don’t for playing with a puppy. For starters, you’ll need an appropriate fetch object such as a small toy or soft doll. It needs to be light enough that your petit pooch won’t need to struggle to retrieve it. And try to avoid sticks if possible. They are rough on a young dog’s mouth and create the possibility of him swallowing woody bits. Also, be careful not to overwork your pet. A good rule of thumb is to take a rest after each 10-minute play session.

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